Revolutionizing the way news is reported in the Christian community through respected viewpoints, Vindicated magazine features vital issues in a way that shapes thoughts, provokes intellectual debate, and functions as a call to action for all God’s people. In our pages, you will find biblical education, community affairs, clergy corner, Christian fashion, medical news, authors and musicians who are trendsetters. Hot topics include: politics with a Christian perspective and advertisement from a variety of venues. Vindicated also provides readers with pertinent information that will help them excel in every aspect of their life. Vindicated publishes news you can use; while saving souls for the Kingdom.

Editorial Intent

VINDICATED is the magazine for kingdom building and biblical education in the Christian community; providing an intimate view into the heart, mind, and lifestyles of the country’s most prestigious clergyman.

VINDICATED represents the best in Christian journalism, connecting our readers with the tools needed to strengthen their family, prosper in the market place and grow in the knowledge of God.

VINDICATED is celebrating life in Christ through intriguing biblical studies, community affairs, and controversial political topics.

VINDICATED covers our readers by informing them of immoral issues in the community that can directly affect God’s standards in the church.


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