Did That Just Happen to Me?

When God sends you to minister, the atmosphere plays an important role in the move of God. It is one of the reasons why we pray, read scriptures and embark on powerful praise and worship. The goal is to touch the heart of God and provoke the Holy Spirit, who stirs up the atmosphere and touches those who have yielded their heart and minds by faith. The anointing is made manifest in an awesome way…Right?
So, when leadership invites you in their house, makes a powerful presentation concerning you (accolades), and waits until you start setting the table with the word of God, then snuffs you, what do you do? For example: What type of Apostle has a conference and leaves you on their pulpit, takes up the offering, pours it in her purse and goes home, while you are preaching? “Was it something I said? Was it the truth that ran her out of her own church? Was the hireling exposed? What shepherd runs out and leaves their sheep?

My daughter said, “Momma, maybe she was feeling some type of way.” What? Really!!! What type of way? Maybe, I’m old school slow, but, I thought Jesus was the ONLY way. What immaturity? Is that considered low class or no class?

Has this ever happened to you before?
Now, I am starting to understand why there is a lack of respect for women clergy. Is that the reason why male pastors in the south, find it difficult to honor women who claim to be an apostle or women preachers in general?
When you tell leaders the truth they yield their members to Satan…they assassinate your character. I thought Satan was the accuser of the brethren. Why do some women in leadership have so many hang-ups? When does it stop? When do you let God deal with your low self-esteem, jealousy, and pride, so we can all move forward as the body of Christ? Or are you just tare sown in by Satan in the midst of God’s wheat?
Your opinion matters – talk back to me….I’m very curious.

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