Let’s Move Forward Together

untitledOne of the most challenging things to do today, is getting people to come together for a good cause. The goal of the Selma, Alabama “YOUTH PRAYER March” is to begin a movement that will cross barriers, cultural differences etc. and open up a clear channel of communication. A channel that will allow us to come together, resolve differences and save our young people from gang violence, police brutality, and anything else that opposes their freedom to LIVE! This is a march to not just make noise but get results.

Please…do not shut up your bowels of compassion. It does not matter where this first step begins or who initiated it…what does matter is the “cause.” The purpose for the march. I – we cannot do this without you all. Remember the scriptures, “I Am My Brother’s Keeper”.

Join us (Apostle Veryl Howard, Deitrick Haddon, Todd Dulaney, Ruth La’Ontra, Clareta Haddon-Jackson, @Shae Taylor, Mayor George Evans, and many others as we march. . “Black Lives Matter.” What better place to begin than the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Be a part of a movement…to save lives, generations – nations. Visit my website: www.vindicatedmagazine.com for more information….Please get a group of people, bring your sign and march with us.Phase One Final Flyer Blue Selma _81475909_36e3a97b-d52c-40fa-8da0-91d1d53b4b3f  untitled2


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