Unbelievable!!! Bill Cosby – An Alleged What????

Fat+Albert+1Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Fat Albert…that’s all I care to remember about Bill Cosby. I even feel funny typing the name without placing “Mr.” in front of it. He is like everyone’s dad.

I remember my school years, I could not wait to get out of school. “Fat Albert,” was one of my favorite programs. Not to mention, the “Cosby Show” “It’s A Different World”, and yes, “Little Bill.” I am still a kid at heart. 

He was my hero. He was a role model in the black community. When people said, “Bill Cosby,” I instantly thought upright, gentlemen, and family man. He has a clean life. No scars during his entire Hollywood career. So, why would his accusers wait until he was half way in the grave before they brought forth these allegations? Why tarnish his name now? What can be gained?

Yet, at the same time – I’m thinking, “Wow!” How could he do such a thing…If he is guilty? Those poor women must have agonized with the pain of what he allegedly did to them. Only a rape victim can truly understand the pain, the humiliation and the regret of both finding the courage to disclose what happened, and the tremulous feeling of never revealing the truth. For some victims, its agony…wondering if people will believe you.

Although, I am finding it difficult to believe – I’m tormented by the shame of not wanting to entertain the possibility that it could be true.



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