Pastor George Waddles Accused of Molesting His Member


After months of world-wide humiliation, you would think that the church had finally rid itself of talk about sexual immorality. Priest incarcerated for molesting parishioners, others accused of molesting parishioners of their church parish and awaiting trial.

Today, we find Pastor George Waddles in the news for allegedly molesting a women in his church. Fox News reported that Pastor Waddle’s confession of the alleged crime was on an iPad that belonged to the victim’s mother. The report goes on to say that the IPad was confiscated by the police.

On Sunday morning, some of the members of Pastor Waddle’s church was greeted by his son, all disheartened by the allegations. “It was a teary-eyed congregation,” one witness said. Pastor Waddle took the pulpit and told the people that the allegations against him were false. He told the congregation that he did not confess. “There is no such confession and the reports were inaccurate, he boldly stated. He assured the church that the court overturned the complaint. The charges against him were unfounded. According to the witness, she further stated that Pastor Waddle told the church that he would not be stepping down.

In her distress, she asked – “If that was you, would you stay at the church?” Wow! What a loaded question, I thought to myself. “I – I would like to think that I was serving a moral leader who would not compromise himself by counseling with women without another woman leader there, I replied. I would recommend that any male pastor, not let his good be evil spoken of — He must guard himself. What a difficult question. Love covers a multitude of faults. If he was guilty, I would expect him to step down for the sake of righteousness – God’s glory. I would expect him to honor the vision of the church, and the flock by loving us enough by not putting the pressures of a decision on us. If guilty, he should step down, sit down, repent, turn and wait on God to deliver, heal and restore him.” She had this puzzled look on her face…as if she was waiting for me to accuse him… Help, her do what was in her heart? No…I will not play God! It’s not my place to tell you what I think or feel but rather what God is saying. And since He didn’t tell me anything – Silence is golden.

Should the flock remain loyal? The whole matter belongs to God. God puts up one and takes down another. We all belong to Him. I am a firm believer that you should stay where you have been planted and blossom ….the body must find a way through fasting and praying to go on — Consider Saul and David.

It’s Prayer Time!


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