Can Ex-Congressman Mel Reynolds Be Vindicated?

A few months ago, I had an opportunity to sit down with Ex-Congressman Mel Reynolds. I must say, I had my antennas up….Okay, it was also a favor to a well-loved friend. I owed her one and she got me. You do realize that we have to bend over backwards sometimes for the people that we love. I told my husband, I need to be careful about bending until almost broken (smile). Never the less, here I am.

I selected the Cheesecake Factory as the place to meet. It was a great place to have a meeting, eat good food and grab a scrumptious piece of my favorite dessert. I was going to get something out of this deal – my friend was paying for lunch (smile). Now, it may seem as though, I am being sarcastic, but I am not. I truly value relationships. Yet, we all have places that we are a little intimidated about attending. For some its amusement parks. We enjoy the games, but dread riding on roller coasters. Therefore, we tend to avoid attending an amusement park. No need to feel embarrassed, just stay away – right? Some people love to talk about God, but refuse to go to church. Because they fear deliverance – hearing the truth. Well, I fear politics!! I do not like to dabble in the political arena. Not even a little! So there! I said it! However, to my surprise the meeting with Mel Reynolds was pleasant. I met a different person than what was reported. I met a sensitive man who loved his children deeply. Okay, it’s my job to dig for the good in a person! So don’t crucify me….all you Mel Reynolds’ critics. Anyway, listen to the attached interview and tell me what you think.

Several months after the interview, I found that my opinion of the congressman had changed – again – and yes, it had changed again. All I can truly say is…I wonder if he can be vindicated? Is it just bad luck, is this man glutton for punishment, or are the big bad politicians picking on him? Is he guilty as charged? Honestly, I had really hoped after the interview, that I would start to see some good publicity. God knows he could use an angel from heaven.

Please, take a moment and click on the link below the image, listen to the interview. Give me your honest feedback. I know its controversy, but hey – that’s Politics!

Dr. Michelle Harris Interview with Mel Reynolds


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