Did That Just Happen to Me?

When God sends you to minister, the atmosphere plays an important role in the move of God. It is one of the reasons why we pray, read scriptures and embark on powerful praise and worship. The goal is to touch the heart of God and provoke the Holy Spirit, who stirs up the atmosphere and touches those who have yielded their heart and minds by faith. The anointing is made manifest in an awesome way…Right?
So, when leadership invites you in their house, makes a powerful presentation concerning you (accolades), and waits until you start setting the table with the word of God, then snuffs you, what do you do? For example: What type of Apostle has a conference and leaves you on their pulpit, takes up the offering, pours it in her purse and goes home, while you are preaching? “Was it something I said? Was it the truth that ran her out of her own church? Was the hireling exposed? What shepherd runs out and leaves their sheep?

My daughter said, “Momma, maybe she was feeling some type of way.” What? Really!!! What type of way? Maybe, I’m old school slow, but, I thought Jesus was the ONLY way. What immaturity? Is that considered low class or no class?

Has this ever happened to you before?
Now, I am starting to understand why there is a lack of respect for women clergy. Is that the reason why male pastors in the south, find it difficult to honor women who claim to be an apostle or women preachers in general?
When you tell leaders the truth they yield their members to Satan…they assassinate your character. I thought Satan was the accuser of the brethren. Why do some women in leadership have so many hang-ups? When does it stop? When do you let God deal with your low self-esteem, jealousy, and pride, so we can all move forward as the body of Christ? Or are you just tare sown in by Satan in the midst of God’s wheat?
Your opinion matters – talk back to me….I’m very curious.

Let’s Move Forward Together

untitledOne of the most challenging things to do today, is getting people to come together for a good cause. The goal of the Selma, Alabama “YOUTH PRAYER March” is to begin a movement that will cross barriers, cultural differences etc. and open up a clear channel of communication. A channel that will allow us to come together, resolve differences and save our young people from gang violence, police brutality, and anything else that opposes their freedom to LIVE! This is a march to not just make noise but get results.

Please…do not shut up your bowels of compassion. It does not matter where this first step begins or who initiated it…what does matter is the “cause.” The purpose for the march. I – we cannot do this without you all. Remember the scriptures, “I Am My Brother’s Keeper”.

Join us (Apostle Veryl Howard, Deitrick Haddon, Todd Dulaney, Ruth La’Ontra, Clareta Haddon-Jackson, @Shae Taylor, Mayor George Evans, and many others as we march. . “Black Lives Matter.” What better place to begin than the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Be a part of a movement…to save lives, generations – nations. Visit my website: www.vindicatedmagazine.com for more information….Please get a group of people, bring your sign and march with us.Phase One Final Flyer Blue Selma _81475909_36e3a97b-d52c-40fa-8da0-91d1d53b4b3f  untitled2

Unbelievable!!! Bill Cosby – An Alleged What????

Fat+Albert+1Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Fat Albert…that’s all I care to remember about Bill Cosby. I even feel funny typing the name without placing “Mr.” in front of it. He is like everyone’s dad.

I remember my school years, I could not wait to get out of school. “Fat Albert,” was one of my favorite programs. Not to mention, the “Cosby Show” “It’s A Different World”, and yes, “Little Bill.” I am still a kid at heart. 

He was my hero. He was a role model in the black community. When people said, “Bill Cosby,” I instantly thought upright, gentlemen, and family man. He has a clean life. No scars during his entire Hollywood career. So, why would his accusers wait until he was half way in the grave before they brought forth these allegations? Why tarnish his name now? What can be gained?

Yet, at the same time – I’m thinking, “Wow!” How could he do such a thing…If he is guilty? Those poor women must have agonized with the pain of what he allegedly did to them. Only a rape victim can truly understand the pain, the humiliation and the regret of both finding the courage to disclose what happened, and the tremulous feeling of never revealing the truth. For some victims, its agony…wondering if people will believe you.

Although, I am finding it difficult to believe – I’m tormented by the shame of not wanting to entertain the possibility that it could be true.


Pastor George Waddles Accused of Molesting His Member


After months of world-wide humiliation, you would think that the church had finally rid itself of talk about sexual immorality. Priest incarcerated for molesting parishioners, others accused of molesting parishioners of their church parish and awaiting trial.

Today, we find Pastor George Waddles in the news for allegedly molesting a women in his church. Fox News reported that Pastor Waddle’s confession of the alleged crime was on an iPad that belonged to the victim’s mother. The report goes on to say that the IPad was confiscated by the police.

On Sunday morning, some of the members of Pastor Waddle’s church was greeted by his son, all disheartened by the allegations. “It was a teary-eyed congregation,” one witness said. Pastor Waddle took the pulpit and told the people that the allegations against him were false. He told the congregation that he did not confess. “There is no such confession and the reports were inaccurate, he boldly stated. He assured the church that the court overturned the complaint. The charges against him were unfounded. According to the witness, she further stated that Pastor Waddle told the church that he would not be stepping down.

In her distress, she asked – “If that was you, would you stay at the church?” Wow! What a loaded question, I thought to myself. “I – I would like to think that I was serving a moral leader who would not compromise himself by counseling with women without another woman leader there, I replied. I would recommend that any male pastor, not let his good be evil spoken of — He must guard himself. What a difficult question. Love covers a multitude of faults. If he was guilty, I would expect him to step down for the sake of righteousness – God’s glory. I would expect him to honor the vision of the church, and the flock by loving us enough by not putting the pressures of a decision on us. If guilty, he should step down, sit down, repent, turn and wait on God to deliver, heal and restore him.” She had this puzzled look on her face…as if she was waiting for me to accuse him… Help, her do what was in her heart? No…I will not play God! It’s not my place to tell you what I think or feel but rather what God is saying. And since He didn’t tell me anything – Silence is golden.

Should the flock remain loyal? The whole matter belongs to God. God puts up one and takes down another. We all belong to Him. I am a firm believer that you should stay where you have been planted and blossom ….the body must find a way through fasting and praying to go on — Consider Saul and David.

It’s Prayer Time!

Can Ex-Congressman Mel Reynolds Be Vindicated?

A few months ago, I had an opportunity to sit down with Ex-Congressman Mel Reynolds. I must say, I had my antennas up….Okay, it was also a favor to a well-loved friend. I owed her one and she got me. You do realize that we have to bend over backwards sometimes for the people that we love. I told my husband, I need to be careful about bending until almost broken (smile). Never the less, here I am.

I selected the Cheesecake Factory as the place to meet. It was a great place to have a meeting, eat good food and grab a scrumptious piece of my favorite dessert. I was going to get something out of this deal – my friend was paying for lunch (smile). Now, it may seem as though, I am being sarcastic, but I am not. I truly value relationships. Yet, we all have places that we are a little intimidated about attending. For some its amusement parks. We enjoy the games, but dread riding on roller coasters. Therefore, we tend to avoid attending an amusement park. No need to feel embarrassed, just stay away – right? Some people love to talk about God, but refuse to go to church. Because they fear deliverance – hearing the truth. Well, I fear politics!! I do not like to dabble in the political arena. Not even a little! So there! I said it! However, to my surprise the meeting with Mel Reynolds was pleasant. I met a different person than what was reported. I met a sensitive man who loved his children deeply. Okay, it’s my job to dig for the good in a person! So don’t crucify me….all you Mel Reynolds’ critics. Anyway, listen to the attached interview and tell me what you think.

Several months after the interview, I found that my opinion of the congressman had changed – again – and yes, it had changed again. All I can truly say is…I wonder if he can be vindicated? Is it just bad luck, is this man glutton for punishment, or are the big bad politicians picking on him? Is he guilty as charged? Honestly, I had really hoped after the interview, that I would start to see some good publicity. God knows he could use an angel from heaven.

Please, take a moment and click on the link below the image, listen to the interview. Give me your honest feedback. I know its controversy, but hey – that’s Politics!

Dr. Michelle Harris Interview with Mel Reynolds


Hundreds Gather for Unveiling of Satanic Statue in Detroit – What Is God Saying?

Demon from Detroit

The “largest public satanic ceremony in history” will take place a little before midnight on Saturday. A crowd of around 700 gathered in an old industrial warehouse a few blocks from the Detroit River for what they’d been told was the “largest public satanic ceremony in history.” Most of them professed to be believers of Satanism, that loosely organized squad of the occult that defines itself as a religious group. Others came simply because they were curious. After all, Satanists exist in the popular psyche as those who casually sacrifice goats and impregnate Mia Farrow with Lucifer’s child.

The statue itself is impressive: almost nine feet tall, and weighing in at around a ton. The horned idol sits on a throne adorned with a pentagram, but it is the idol’s wings, and not his chair, that curiously evoke the Iron Throne from a certain celebrated HBO fantasy series. He has the jarring horns of a virile ram but the biceps of a guy who lifts four or five times a week. His legs, which are crossed, end not in feet but in hooves. It might seem more menacing if not for the two bronze-statue children standing on either side of him — a girl on his left; a boy on his right; both are looking up at him earnestly.

Call it Libertarian Gothic, maybe — some darker permutation of Ayn Rand’s crusade for free will. One witnesses in the Satanic Temple militia a certain knee-jerk reaction to encroachments upon personal liberties, especially when those encroachments come with a crucifix in hand. The Baphomet statue is the Satanic Temple’s defiant retort du jour.

“We chose Baphomet because of its contemporary relation to the figure of Satan and find its symbolism to be appropriate if displayed alongside a monument representing another faith,” said Jex Blackmore, the organizer of the unveiling. The monument she refers to is a six-foot marble slab engraved with the Ten Commandments, controversially situated on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol. In 2012, state representative Mike Ritze fronted $10,000 out of his own pocket to have the marker installed in the shadow of the capitol’s dome, prompting the ire of those who believed it flagrantly violated the separation of church and state. The American Civil Liberties Union sued the state of Oklahoma; the Satanic Temple fought fire with fire. If the Christians could chisel their credo onto public property, the argument went, why couldn’t they?

The state didn’t agree, and rejected the Satanic Temple’s petition to place Baphomet’s statute on legislative property. The point is now moot, though: a month ago, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the Ten Commandments monument violated the state constitution, a judgment that will probably stick in spite of an obstinate governor.

It seems there are battles left to fight, though. A Detroit pastor described the unveiling of the statue as “a welcome home party for evil.” A Catholic activism group in the city actively encouraged people to attend mass at a local cathedral to speak out against the statue — a pray-in, if you will. Meanwhile, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson recently signed a bill that will put the Ten Commandments on a similar monument on the grounds of the State Capitol in Little Rock.

What do the Scriptures say about Idols?

Turn ye not unto idols, nor make to yourselves molten gods: I [am] the LORD your God. (Lev 19:4 KJV)

Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up [any] image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I [am] the LORD your God. … And I will destroy your high places, and cut down your images, and cast your carcases upon the carcases of your idols, and my soul shall abhor you. (Lev 26:1, 30 KJV)

The scriptures are clear about what God is saying about Idols. God promised that He would cut down the images that were built and hate the men who resurrected them before him. Yes, it is a very bold statement not only by the satanic worshippers to resurrect Satan and compare him to good is outrageous and to attempt to post the “thing” directly next to the marble statue of the Ten Commandments sounds like fighting words. It is a declaration of war!…spiritual warfare. We understand as Christians, (For the weapons of our warfare [are] not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) (2 Co 10:4 KJV).

I am convinced that we are living in the last days, Jesus is soon to return. The Detroit Pastor is certainly right, the unveiling of the statue is “a welcome home party for evil.” And I agree with Catholic activism group, it is time to shut in.

Reference: http://time.com/3972713/detroit-satanic-statue-baphomet/